Gail Rebhan
Recent Work 2015 -Artist Statement

Time and memory remain important elements in my current work. In 2014 my work concentrated on death and mortality. This year, humor reclaimed its prominence.

The disconnect between recommendations and reality is revealed in the triptych Reading Influenced My Mother’s Parenting. My mother’s idyllic hopes for father-son bonding over fishing and the appeal of having a dog are amusingly contradicted by our family’s experience. Likewise, lawn mower safety guidelines are challenged.

Maturity drolly illustrates my twenty something son’s changing taste in pizza, perhaps revealing his growth and progress.

Cords simultaneously exposes my son’s clutter and my compulsive organizing.

Glasses demonstrates the passage of time, importance of vision, and my ever-changing bad taste in eye glasses.

T-Shirt shows a raggedy shirt I wear on the treadmill. The text explains that I stopped wearing this when my son learned to read.

Okuniewicz examines Americanization, alterations, and removal of ethnic associations from a surname. The name transforms from Okuniewicz to Canterovich to Cantor and finally to Kent. The background image matzo, (a traditional Jewish bread/cracker) is juxtaposed with an image of Clark Kent - a fictional disguise for Superman.

Soldier Field, Chicago, 1964 illustrates my parents’ effort to pass along their values by bringing their children to hear Martin Luther King while emphasizing my cultural naiveté and sheltered childhood at the age of ten.

This new work places my experiences in a larger social context. With gentle humor American societal contradictions are examined.

The images are 16 x 20 inch archival pigment prints.

Reading Influenced My Mother’s Parenting - Fishing

Reading Influenced My Mother’s Parenting - Dog

Reading Influenced My Mother’s Parenting - Lawn Mower






Soldier Field, Chicago, 1964

Detail - Soldier Field, Chicago, 1964