Two Thrilling Announcements

Order the book Gail Rebhan About Time with running commentaries by Sally Stein.
and view a preview.

Retrospective exhibition curated by Sally Stein Gail Rebhan About Time opened February 4 at the American University Museum, Katzen Arts Center, Washington, DC. The exhibition runs through May 21, 2023. Four panel discussions are planned:

February 5 Watch the video recording About Time- The Deeply Social Art of Gail Rebhan
March 4 Watch the video recording First-Generation American Visions: Bridging Old and New Worlds
Saturday March 25, 2-3pm The Draw (& Drawbacks) of Family Connections for Women Artists & Their Art
Saturday April 29, 2-3pm Greater DC and the depiction of urban flux

For more information on the retrospective exhibition and book.

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