Activism- Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition

I am an active member of the Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition (BACC). 

“The Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition (BACC), started by the Macedonia Baptist Church, is a union of volunteers, activists, community groups, and faith-based organizations led by the social justice ministry at Macedonia Baptist Church. The BACC seeks to stop the desecration of Moses African Cemetery, preserve the rich history of this once thriving African community, and consecrate Moses African Cemetery with a memorial and museum on River Road in Bethesda, MD. “ 

Excerpted from the Save Bethesda African Cemetery Facebook Group

The River Road Burial Grounds in Bethesda, Maryland was paved over in the 1960s and became a parking lot for a luxury high-rise. Extensive commercial and residential redevelopment, which will cause even more desecration, is planned for the site. Despite protests, redevelopment began in summer 2020 with construction by 1784 Capital Holdings  of self-storage units on part of the burial grounds. BACC wants high quality professional archeological research of the site before redevelopment proceeds and establishment of a memorial and museum on site.

My main activities include documenting the ongoing desecration (photographing the construction of Bethesda Self Storage), photographing BACC events, creating graphics, and helping to coordinate exhibitions. 

To view Rebhan’s art go to the links listed below.

River Road African/African American Burial Grounds – Photocollages

Graphics and Documentation

To get involved go to the Bethesda African Cemetery website