All Person Restroom (2020)

Detail – All Person Restroom, 65×37 inches archival ink jet print


Integral to my various bodies of work is an interest in time and change. My artworks examine irregular or fixed intervals of centuries, decades, weeks, or days. Sometimes the change is demonstratively significant such as changing societal values as referenced in the built environment. Other times it is more quotidian as in All Person Restroom. Here, I humorously examine the various toilet paper permutations in the lavatory of my local coffee shop. What aesthetic, practical, or expedient decisions are being made consciously or unconsciously by patrons and staff?

All Person Restroom examines often overlooked details of daily life and encourages viewers to reflect on discounted, yet potentially revealing, particulars in their own life. 

Detail – All Person Restroom
32 x 12 inches